14 September 2020

What I believe...


ezs note:  I've given this some thought - no, a great deal of thought - but I've given a great deal of respect and admiration to Baha'u'llah (1817-1892).  I'll be ending this with a quote of Baha'u'llah, as well as His son, Abdu'l Baha, as well as Shoghi Effendi (among others).  If you wish to peruse the Writings more thoroughly, you can see http://bahai-library.com/. (Baha'i Library Online) 

The Asiatic continent, the cradle of the principal religions of mankind; the home of so many of the oldest and mightiest civilizations which have flourished on this planet; the crossways of so many kindreds and races; the battleground of so many peoples and nations; above whose horizon, in modern times, the suns of two independent Revelations--the promise and consummation of a six thousand-year-old religious Cycle--have successively arisen; where the Authors of both of these Revelations suffered banishment and died; within whose confines the Centre of a divinely-appointed Covenant was born, endured a forty-year incarceration and passed away; on whose Western extremity the Qiblih of the Bahá'í world has been definitely established; in whose heart the City proclaimed by Bahá'u'lláh as the "Mother of the World" is enshrined; within whose borders another City regarded as the "cynosure of an adoring world" and the scene of the greatest and most glorious Revelation the world has witnessed is embosomed; on whose soil so many saints, heroes and martyrs, associated with both of these Revelations, have lived, struggled and died--such a continent, so privileged among its sister continents and yet so long and so sadly tormented, now stands, at the hour of the launching of a world-encompassing Crusade, on the threshold of an era that may well recall, in its glory and ultimate repercussions, the great periods of spiritual revival which, from the dawn of recorded history have, at various stages in the revelation of God's purpose for mankind, illuminated the path of the human race.  (Shoghi Effendi)

Kansas - Kansas commission adds LGBT nondiscrimination protections

Heather Hollingsworth


Mission, KS (not printed, extreme upper)

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lead story - Arrest made in connection to murder of transgender woman, LGBT activist

 Fernie Ortiz


Chihuahua City, Mexico

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Donald Trump - Trump baselessly questions climate science during California wildfire briefing

 Maegan Vazquez


Our leader, Donald Trump

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