29 October 2019

lead story - Meghan Murphy: Canadian feminist's transgender talk stirs uproar

BBC News

Toronto, ON

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ezs note:  How do we deal with Ms. Murphy?  Well, we can write a letter to the editor.  We can organize a counter-discussion.  If we live in or near Toronto, we can hand out leaflets out to possible patrons which point out respectful but critical points that Murphy might not have thought of.  But, fer gosh's sake, don't try to muzzle Murphy.  For one thing, I believe in free speech.  For another, you're just providing Murphy a megaphone.  I understand it's upsetting, but take the intelligent, thoughtful course.

Donald Trump - The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Meg Wagner, Sheena McKenzie, Veronica Rocha

US Capitol, interior

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ezs note:  As always, this is a fast-moving story.  If you're going to be on for a while, please check back again.  

"LOCK HIM UP!!!" (video)

28 October 2019

California - California poll workers to receive training on how to assist transgender, gender non-conforming voters

Muri Assunção
Daily News

Mission San Diego de Alcala (1848)
San Diego, CA

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lead story - AHA News: How Does Hormone Therapy Affect Heart Health in Transgender People?

US News & World Report

human heart

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Donald Trump - Democrats moving toward next phase of impeachment inquiry with key vote

Jeremy Herb, Lauren Fox, Manu Raju, Kaitlan Collins, Pamela Brown

ezs note: In case you've been nodding off, this is the second revolution.  There are a few Democrats who are a bit wishy-washy; all of the Democrats and many of the Republicans know Trump is evil incarnate, but that doesn't mean she/he will vote that way.  Put his/her feet to the fire and make them vote their consciences.

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25 October 2019

Donald Trump - SPECIAL - Judge says impeachment inquiry is legal and justifies disclosing grand jury material

Tammy Kupperman, Joan Biskupic, Ariane de Vogue, Manu Raju

ezs note:  Uh... remember United States v. Nixon?  (hee, hee!)

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lead story - Transgender people treated ‘inhumanely’ online

Ben Hunte
BBC News

London, UK
(Westminster Abbey, Canaletto, 1749)

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Donald Trump - Bill Taylor testimony 'reverberating' among House Republicans, GOP sources say

Jamie Gangel, Veronica Stracqualursi

ezs note:  Testify!

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23 October 2019

Nepal - Some basic rights still a struggle for LGBTI in Nepal

civil rights - Summit provides resources, highlights needs of trans people of color

Christopher Brown

ezs note:  Oh, what did I read in here - "...which highlighted the importance of the transgender community to get out the vote and show up at polls."


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Idaho - Idaho transgender inmate Adree Edmo to receive presurgical procedures after court ruling

Tommy Simmons

Boise, ID

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lead story - Man convicted in videotaped assault of transgender woman who was later found dead

Donald Trump - The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Meg Wagner, Aimee Lewis

ezs note:  It's nice, but the center should be orange!

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note:  As usual, the press is very rapid. so, if you can, please check on this frequently.

22 October 2019

SPECIAL - White Note Pad - (manga)

“(She) was above all things a projector of works in the face of nature, and a modifier of nature itself. A road to be made, a tower to be built, a harbour to be constructed, a river to be trained and guided in its channel – these were the problems with which (her) mind was continually occupied; and for these and similar ends (she)
 travelled the world for more than half a century, like an artist, notebook in hand.” (italics mine) 

Robert Louis Stevenson

From the outset, White Note Pad presents me with a difficulty that challenges the reader.  Or at least those readers of my variety; we all have a stroke to contend with.  But Tomoko Yamashita plumbs the depths most deftly.  

In the beginning, we see Hana, outside, and climbing small snow mountains.  Her face shows forth a bit of a square jawline; at the beginning, I mistake her being a transgender young woman.  Rather, Hana is switched with an older man, a common trope.  When she gets to work, however, she shows a confident demeanor. When a coworker asks what she would like to wear, Hana says black. (1) Kine, on the other hand, is really a mess. His hair is knotted, his body in an overall.   When the switch took place, he spent some time in the hospital.  He lost his job at an auto mechanic's shop. 
When they wake up, however, they both are sweating.  Hana's just better at it - at least at first.

The two meet up at what appears to be a swanky coffeeshop.  As usual, Kine is the odd man out here, hair and clothing unkempt.  Conversely, Hana looks the part, stylish, not a hair out of place in her outfit.  Once again, the two look curious.  After Kine vents out a bit, Hana has a plan:  the magazine works for has a need for some part-timers.  This way, they'll get to see each other, and make plans for the future. It seems like a good plan.  

However, Hana's perfect plans slowly, slowly start to unravel.  It starts with an offhand remark, "I just can't be by myself".  Standing alone,  you might not discern the comment.  But notice the opening scene.  Hana is not walking on the sidewalk, where the snow has been plowed, a sensible path.  Rather, she mounts the small mountains of snow - but not with confidence, rather with abandon.  Kine, on the other hand, walks sensibly.  He has gone through some rough times, and has lived through scars, but muddles through.

I think that you well know by now that I really don't care for giving away all of the secrets, so you'll understand if I don't.  However, I will get through some of the technical work.  Ms. Yamashita happily avoids the busywork on the cover, preferring rather a spare Hana, with warts on parade.  Another scene where Yamashita does her best work is the scene of the angry ocean.  Hana says in these scenes "My mind and body..."  but rather should be saying "My mind or body..."

And the seas roar.    

1- In Japan black can also symbolize experience, as opposed to white, which symbolizes naiveté. The black belt in martial arts symbolizes experience, while a white belt is worn by novices.[59] Japanese men traditionally wear a black kimono with some white decoration on their wedding day.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black

19 October 2019

South Carolina - 50 years after LGBTQ uprising, Charleston faith community hopes for more progress

Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr.
The Post And Courier

Charleston, SC

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lead story -The Supreme Court Doesn’t Understand Transgender People

Michael Chen

US Supreme Court

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Donald Trump - Conservative lawyers call for President Trump’s impeachment


ezs note
This is not about conservatives.
This is not about liberals.
This is not about Republicans.
This is not about Democrats.
This is not about minor parties, or none at all.
However, it is about children, the disabled, the poor.
And it is about that virus, Donald Trump.

Call your Representative.
Call your Senators.
And if you haven't registered yet, do so now.

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16 October 2019

civil rightsv- Matthew Shepard’s Parents Assail Trump Administration on Gay Rights

Katie Benner
The New York Times

Laramie, WY  (1908)

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Arkansas - ARTBEAT: V.L. Cox's 'Break Glass' exhibit back in Arkansas from U.S. tour

Ellis Widner
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Helena, AR

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lead story - Federal judge overturns ObamaCare transgender protections

Nathaniel Weixel
The Hill

ezs note:  Here comes the judge...

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Donald Trump - Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies

13 October 2019

Connecticut - A gay rights case in D.C., and a conversation in Connecticut

Mark Pazniokas
CT Mirror

site of Hartford Yard Goats
(Hartford, CT)

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lead story - Transphobic flyers highlight fears among transgender community in Des Moines

Andrea May Sahouri
Des Moines Register

Des Moines, IA (1851)

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Donald Trump - James Comey Would Like to Help

Matt Flegenheimer
The New York Times

James Comey

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12 October 2019

civil rights - I listened to the Supreme Court argue about my rights as a trans person. I have never felt more frustrated.

New Jersey - U.S. Supreme Court will decide if someone can be fired for being gay or transgender. This is N.J.’s law.

Brent Johnson

Ringwood, NJ
New Jersey Botanical Garden

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lead story - Bradford church sets transgender worship and workshop

Kenosha News

Kenosha, WI (Bradford section)

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Donald Trump - Trump's losses mount in stunning day of setbacks

Kevin Liptak

ezs note:  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!

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11 October 2019

Mexico - In Juárez, A Migrant Shelter Offers Refuge For LGBTQ Asylum Seekers

Mallory Falk

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
painting, 1850s (artist unknown)
Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de los Manso

civil rights - ICE says Mexican citizen who confessed to shooting transgender woman in Dallas was deported in 2010

Lauren McGaughy
The Dallas Morning News

Dallas, TX

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Minnesota - UMN grad student recognized for poem exploring transgender confinement

Farrah Mina
Minnesota Daily

University of Minnesota
Northrop Mall

please press:  www.mndaily.com

lead story - Protesters interrupt CNN LGBTQ town hall to highlight plight of black transgender women

Kate Sullivan

Washington DC

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Donald Trump - The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry

Bianca Britton, Mike Hayes, Brian Ries, Fernando Alfonso III (and many others)

please press:  www.cnn.com

ezs note:  This is a rolling, fast-paced investigation.  If you have the time, you might want to review it more than once.  

09 October 2019

South Dakota - ACLU, South Dakota attorney general at odds over Supreme Court case

Jill Langland

Sioux Falls, SD

please press:  www.ksfy.com

lead story - Transgender surgery linked with better long-term mental health, study shows

Dr. Danielle Weitzer
ABC News

Yale/New Haven Hospital
New Haven, CT

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Donald Trump - Editorial: Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds was the president at his malignant and incompetent worst

Los Angeles Times

Army of Glory fighter 

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