13 January 2021



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Pennsylvania - Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania now offers hormone therapy for transgender and non-binary patients

Amanda Waltz

Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh, PA

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lead story - HRC Mourns Tyianna Alexander, Black Transgender Woman Killed in Chicago

Madeleine Roberts


Chicago, IL

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ezs note: Chicagoans -  it may be a coincidence, but two transgender women have been killed in less than a month.  Tyianna Alexander and Courtney "Eshay" Key were the victims.  If you have any information on the perpetrator(s), contact the Chicago police at 312-746-6000. Thanks.

Donald Trump - Trump's 5-year campaign of lies led to the Capitol attack. And we just let it happen.

Cindy L. Otis

USA Today

Uh... we told ya so...

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