26 January 2018

One special evening...

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ezs note:  Last night, I was doing my usual thing (blogging, of course) when I saw the familiar face of the manager of Anytime Fitness.  He asked if he could sit down, to which I readily agreed.  We started chatting,  and eventually the subject turned to local issues.  He mentioned a bike path which would be placed on Albany Avenue.  Intrigued, I asked what organization worked on this.  He said he was a member of the Bishops Corner Neighborhood Association.  When I asked where the meetings were held, they were directly across the street from me!  (Duh...)

Bishops Corner is, as a neighborhood, especially vibrant and active.  Of course, the people being so welcoming and friendly doesn't hurt either.  However, wherever there is a city or town, there is also a neighborhood... where YOU live.  Yeah, I had a stroke.  Yeah, I'm in a wheelchair.  But I'll be damned if I prevent that from getting involved.

How about you?

Donald Trump Wants to Fight the FBI? It’s a Suicide Mission.

Tim Weiner

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Costa Rica - Court Orders Costa Rica to Implement Same-Sex Marriage and Respect Transgender Rights

Maria Fernandez Cruz, Andrea Rodriguez
La Voz/The Voice

scene in Costa Rica

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Transgender inmate gets 2020 trial date for her federal civil suit alleging sexual abuse

Issac Smith
The Southern

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ezs note:  What the hell is this?  Too many horseshoe games interfering?  A "speedy trial" should be started in weeks or months (six at the very most)  never in years. Get with the freakin' program!!!

Steve Flowers: Don’t write off Doug in 2020

Steve Flowers
The Sand Mountain Reporter

Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL)

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Lyric tackles transgender opera, but themes are universal to all people

Cynthia Billhartz Gregorian
The Kansas City Star

"As One" performance

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