25 May 2021

archive - Adam's Word - August 1990


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If you have pamphlets, magazines, zines, posters, scrapbooks, paintings, sculptures, art printings, comix or newspaper clippings and wish to download them to a reputable organization, please see digitaltransgenderarchive.net.

Colorado - ‘Tired of being shut out:’ Denver students advocate for a student bill of rights

Melanie Asmar

Chalkbeat Colorado

Denver, CO

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ezs note:  Although the term 'transgender' is mentioned in passing , I am quite heartened to see the students mention this in their bill of rights.  Please continue watching this in their efforts.

lead story - A Researcher Is Trying To Settle The Transgender Athlete Debate — Using Science

Tom Goldman


Jackson, MS

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George Floyd Square - Shots fired near George Floyd Square in Minneapolis as community marks anniversary of his death

N'dea Yancey-Bragg

USA Today

George Floyd Square

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