22 December 2014

DOJ: Transgender people can’t be discriminated against at work

Sandhya Somashekhar
The Washington Post
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Kansas City police apologize for anti-transgender posts during ‘tweet-along’

21 December 2014

The bigots-are-going-to-be-bigots open line

Max Brantley
Arkansas Times
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Charles Pulliam-Moore
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Gay Irish emigrants come home for Christmas (Ireland)

Anthea McTeirnan
The Irish Times
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Transgender RAF pilot who served with Prince William opens up about transition (UK)

Pink Times
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Charlotte looks to expand protection for gay, transgender residents

Steve Harrison
The Charlotte Observer
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20 December 2014

Cuba’s Gay Rights Evolution

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Warren police seek man, 22, who 'just vanished'

Katrease Stafford

please press:  http://www.freep.com

ezs note:  Michiganders, please take a second look at the picture of Jay Ralko.  If you have any 

information regarding his whereabouts, please call the Warren police at 586-574-4700.                           
Bring relief to his family and friends!

ACLU challenges vote requiring transgender students to use ‘private’ bathroom facilities

Mariam Baksh
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Smithtown, New York

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19 December 2014

Small Town Cop, Big Time Ally

Liz Hanssen
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Glendale approves gay-rights pledge

Peter Corbett
please press: http://www.azcentral.com 

Walmart is encouraging workers to become gay, pundit claims (UK)

Nick Duffy
please press:  http://www.pinknews.co.uk

ezs note:  Wait, Michael Sam can't be gay and play football... can he?

Merkley outlines plans for LGBT civil rights bill

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18 December 2014

Cold case task force leads to arrest in 1989 murder of transgender woman

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ezs note:  Ah, this story does my heart good.  To those vermin who harmed my friends, don't worry.  You WILL be caught and jailed.

Assisted-conception families in focus (Australia)

Luis Feliu

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Holder announces Title VII covers transgender discrimination

Chris Johnson
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RIP ENDA (1974-2014)

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17 December 2014

Mayor, GLLU officer honored for fighting hate crimes

Lou Chibbaro Jr.

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Silver Pride Project offers get-togethers for seniors

700 Club host fails to grasp simple biology

U.S. embassy refuses to hand over Marine charged with murder to Filipino courts

Cleveland Heights fraudster who sought leniency for being transgender gets 14 years

16 December 2014

Appeals court: Transgender inmate not entitled to sex-change surgery

She’s a Lumberjack, She’s O.K., and She’s in ‘Messiah’


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Gov.-elect Charlie Baker walking a fine line on gay rights: Viewpoint

Bucks suspects in beating of gay couple held for trial

Hayden Mitman
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ezs note:  Oh, this one's a doozy.  In case you missed it, especially read the last paragraph. 

Murder charges filed against US marine in death of transgender woman (UK)

To all my friends of the Jewish faith, happy Hanukkah!

Credit:  http://www.haaretz.com

14 December 2014

Editorial roundup: Religious freedom act not worth risk

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ezs note:  Michiganders - please, take five minutes and tell your state senators to say NO to the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" (HB 5958).  Thanks!

Seoul's Mayor Apologizes for Nixing Gay Rights Charter


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Parts of Montana lack legal protections while acceptance grows for LGBT community

Briana Wipf



Jude Terror
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13 December 2014

Human Rights Film Festival — 6 films screened (Pakistan)

"I Can't Breathe": The Personal is the Political - Part I

Franklin students to choose color for grad robes

Transgender Green candidate: There’s a woeful lack of trans politicians (UK)

Harwich, Massachusetts

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12 December 2014

Transgender student’s family files harassment suit against several area school districts

Dave Herndon, Jim Kasuba & Laura Zoochi
please press:  http://www.pressandguide.com

Austin to Offer Trans -Inclusive Health Benefits for City Employees

The World According to Jo Clifford, Queen of Theatre, Part III (UK)

Michiganders Repulsed By Rep. Olumba’s ‘Bigoted’ Farewell Speech Attacking Transgender, Special Needs, Asian, And Chaldean Communities [Video]

please press:  http://www.inquisitr.com

Hate group want to amend US Constitution to ‘outlaw’ trans people (UK)