23 February 2011

Obama pulls defense for law banning gay marriage ('BOUT FREAKIN' TIME!!!!) (Reuters)

(more on blue/above)

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  1. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It seems like it's a great thing that the DOMA is not going to be defended by the executive branch of the government. If the current president succeeds in actually making this technique for law removal work then any other law is in jeopardy of going out the door if the whim of the current administration decides they don't like it. I don't like DOMA, but it should be a judicial finding of conflict with the constitution, a state sponsored amendment, or a congressional repeal that gets rid of it, not the executive branch saying we don't have to do our job. Which law will be next decided as not worthy of having? This is a dangerous precedent and will place at risk any stability of rule of law in the US.