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05 May 2020

civil rights - Transgender woman's death in SE Missouri under investigation

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Sikeston, MO

please press:

ezs note:  If you live in or near Sikeston, Missouri, and you witnessed the murder of Nina Pop, please contact the Sikeston (Miner) Police Department at 573-471-8568. Thanks.

17 April 2020

lead story - Transgender Woman Murdered in Baltimore; ACLU Sues Idaho over Trans Athlete Law

Democracy Now!

Baltimore, MD

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ezs note:  Even though the article is repetitive, it is important in that the picture of Johanna Metzger is included.  Please, take a second look.  It can't hurt.

15 April 2020

28 March 2020

lead story - Transgender woman fatally stabbed in the neck in Harlem

Thomas Tracy
Daily News

New York City, NY

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ezs note:  Unfortunately, the name of the woman who was slain is not named in the article, but if you were near East 128th Street and 3rd Avenue and witnessed this event, please call the New York Police Department at NYC311.

25 February 2020

civil rights - Transgender woman killed in Puerto Rico after using women's bathroom

Tim Fitzsimons
NBC News

Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

please press:

 ezs note:  As of now, police have been unable to find Neulisa (Alexa) Luciano Ruiz's killer.  If you have any information, please call the Puerto Rican police. Thank you. 

ezs note:  (Español) A partir de ahora, la policía no ha podido encontrar al asesino de Neulisa (Alexa) Luciano Ruiz. Si tiene alguna información, llame a la policía puertorriqueña. Gracias.

26 January 2020

lead story - Transgender woman attacked on Manhattan subway platform

Elizabeth Keough
Daily News

Harlem, NY

please press:

ezs note:  Fortunately, the camera got a very clear view of the suspects.  If you live in northern Manhattan (Harlem) and saw them,  please call the police at 800-577-8477.  Thanks.