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31 October 2018

14 August 2018

lead story - Man accused of shooting transgender woman at Detroit gas station bound over for trial

Nick Monacelli

Detroit, MI


please press:

ezs note:  If you are the one who tipped the police, thank you!  

17 June 2018

Pennsylvania - Felony charges dropped against transgender woman accused of trying to burn flag at Philly Pride

Michael Boren
The Inquirer

skyline of Philadelphia


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15 February 2018

Man accused of robbing and shooting transgender woman takes a plea deal

Allie Gross
Detroit Free Press

Detroit, MI


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02 November 2017

Jamaica - Gays pepper-sprayed - Cops accused of targeting men

The Star


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25 July 2016

Sheriff: Navy seaman accused of robbing, stabbing transgender woman

Justin Mitchell and Margaret Baker


please press:

ezs note:  This just happened a few minutes later in the case of Dee Whigham.  Good work, Jackson County sheriffs!  By the way,  the case is ongoing, so keep a sharp eye out for the person of interest.  Once again, let the police handle it.

31 March 2016

Man accused in transgender teen murder must surrender DNA sample


Josh Vallum


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22 October 2015

'Gentlemen only' barbers accused of refusing to cut transgender teenager's hair (UK)

Josh Parry
The Mirror


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ezs note:  Come on, Evander, we're only being lighthearted.

Uh... we are, aren't we?

29 July 2015

28 July 2015

Latin Kings gang member, 28, is accused of 'stabbing to death' 17-year-old transgender girl and then burying her in his backyard (UK)

Ashley Collman


ezs note:  I am so glad that Mercedes Williamson's killer has been brought to justice.  And as far as Caitlyn Jenner goes - good for her!  She could have done a one or two formulaic speech - but she didn't.  She mentioned the names of far lesser known names who got killed, and she demanded justice.  Kudos to you, Caitlyn.

20 July 2013

Man Accused of Killing Transgender Lover, Dumping Body Parts in Lot

 David Chang

*more here*

ezs note:  As revolted as I am by this... disgusting seems so puny... man's actions, I am so proud of this girlfriend's act of turning him in to the police.  This is an act of bravery and courage.  Though I may never meet you, please know that people around the planet are grateful to you.  People such as you make the world safer.

You can be a hero too.  If you have credible evidence that a transgender person is being murdered, raped, bludgeoned, or even threatened, turn that m*****f***** in!!!

26 October 2010

Second man accused of fatally shooting Maplewood transgender model surrenders (

MAPLEWOOD — The second man accused of killing a transgender woman inside an apartment in Maplewood last month surrendered to police late Sunday night, authorities said.(more above)