09 December 2011

More on Jim Burke

ezs note:  This morning we attended the funeral of Jim Burke III. It was after a night of little rest, my thoughts being with this kind man, whose death was much too soon... much too soon.

I recently read an article in The Cenacle, where Jim wrote an article opposing the death penalty.  I was quite impressed with it.

As it turns out, Jim's thirtieth letter also turned out to be his last.  Because of the very kind permission of Ray Soulard, I have excerpted a portion of Jim's letter.

Peace and love, Jim.


Finally, the death penalty is not, I repeat is not, a deterrent.  The very fact that murders in this country occur on a daily basis proves  that use of the death penalty is based on the revenge motive, and this also depends on the time and place of the crime and the trial.  The execution of citizens  by the states in this country is used to cover up the failure of our society as a whole to educate people equally and give all people to better themselves.  When hopelessness and despair set in, the recidivism rate of prisoners increases correspondingly, from the upper to the middle to the lower socio-economic strata.  Figures from the U.S.  Department of Justice have confirmed this data as recently as 2009.  The politicians in this country, as well as the Supreme Court, have become embarrassed and frustrated about their inability to stop the violence and so-called capital crimes.  Their solution has been to put the convicted to death as cleanly as they think is possible, by lethal injection in most cases.

I hope I live to see the day when our culture will transcend revenge, and rise above hate.  Peace and love for all humanity would enable us to realize our potential, which is God-like.  John Lennon had it right after all. IMAGINE!



To see more of The Cenacle, please see http://www.scriptorpress.com

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