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14 February 2019

Donald Trump - McCabe Says Justice Dept. Officials Had Discussions About Pushing Trump Out

Adam Goldman, Matthew Haag
The New York Times


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13 February 2019

lead story - Twitter sued by blogger who was barred for tweets about transgender people

Queenie Wong


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ezs note:  Um, okay, before you go on a righteous spiel, (understandably so) hear me out.  Meghan Murphy is undoubtedly half-baked and utterly wrong.  She also has the right to free speech.    No, I don't plan on going to Ms. Murphy's blog. However, her voice deserves to be heard, no matter how wrongheaded I believe it to be.  The AMA, APA, and WHO, to name but a few, are on my side, so I feel very comfortable making my case.  If you are creating a blog, please speak up.  Our voices will soon drown out hers - if we take the noble path. 

02 February 2019

01 December 2018

Donald Trump - Stephen Colbert Asks Michelle Obama About Donald Trump’s Lack Of Moral Leadership

Lisa de Moraes
Deadline Hollywood

First Lady Michelle, Amy Sherald (2017)


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20 November 2018

01 May 2018

civil rights - Trump’s War on Trans Americans Is About to Face a Counterattack

Mark Joseph Stern


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04 March 2018

What Does the Bible Teach About Transgender People?

Jay Michaelson
Daily Beast


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27 April 2015

Two transgender women talk about transition, stigma

Melissa Swan



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19 April 2015

22 November 2013

About Islan Nettles

Akiba Solomon

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ezs note:  Please, if you have any information or evidence about Paris Wilson or his accomplices, turn it in to police immediately.  Thanks.