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12 January 2020

Delaware - Alleged Christian domestic terrorist regularly posted anti-LGBTQ content online

Bil Browning
LGBTQ Nation

Newark, DE

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ezs note:  Newark, Delaware and surrounding area - if you have information on Samuel James Gulick but haven't turned it in yet, please call Newark (DE) Police at 1-800-FORCE-12.  The longer Gulick goes to jail, the better! 

29 May 2017

Mercy San Juan Medical alleged to have discriminated against transgender man

Wadi Reformado
Northern California Record

Mercy San Juan Medical Center


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05 December 2015

Transgender woman forced to stay in all male prison ‘despite repeated rapes’ (UK)

Nicholas Reilly


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ezs note:  I was wondering what the term 'Orwellian' meant... until I met this transgender woman.  Please e-write Gov. Walker.

18 May 2015

Alleged homophobic remarks from city manager prompts Riverdale employee to create activist group

Cailin O’Brien


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17 March 2013

ADL Deeply Concerned About Alleged Transgender Hate Crime In Silver Spring, Md -

*more here*

ezs note:  At the end of this article is the address of the ADL ( where, among others, you can find the amicus brief with which you can win against anybody, be they Congressperson, state Congressperson, state Senator, or just some person you're hanging out with at a bar or coffeeshop.  Thanks ADL - we appreciate it!