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21 March 2019

lead story - Justices chose fact over ignorance in transgender health ruling

Jeorgia Robinson
Des Moines Register

Marion, IA


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31 May 2017

4 Your Health: Transgender adults face health woes; men tight-lipped about health

Sean Mooney


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ezs note: 1- If you are not seeing an understanding physician, get one.  2- When you see that doctor, TALK.  I did, and I'm very grateful.

30 May 2017

Transgender People Report More Health Problems

Kathleen Doheny
U.S. News and World Report


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10 January 2017

01 January 2017

Texas Judge Halts Federal Transgender Health Protections

Paul J. Weber


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ezs note:  Well, I do see one solution here.  Don't go to a conservative "Christian" doctor... for any reason.  

19 September 2015

13 June 2015

23 April 2014


I used to worry that I might be involved with AIDS because I was concerned only about my  health and saving my own skin... but when I tested negative in 1985, I was relieved to find that I was still very concerned.

     - Joseph Lovett

'To Quote A Queer'

02 April 2014

Report Urges 50-State Survey Of LGB Health Issues

Lisa Keen

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ezs note:  The body of the work isn't bad, but when it comes to the headline, WHERE'S THE FREAKIN' "T"??? (transgender)  C'mon, a reporter doing work for an LGBT-friendly newspaper can do better than this.