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28 February 2020

Arkansas - Republican wants to cut funding from “Sesame Street” because a gay man will appear on it

Alex Bollinger
LGBTQ Nation

the bowels of Satan

please press: 

ezs note:  Arkansans - I know you live in a conservative state, but please, do your best to defeat Jason Rapert (he's running for Lieutenant Governor) and all those who hold idiotic views.  Thanks.  

12 November 2019

Georgia - Georgia Republican wants to make helping transgender children a felony

John Riley

Powder Springs, GA

please press:

ezs note:  Ahem... Ginny Ehrhart (R - Powder Springs) MUST go.  To the residents of Powder Springs, and of Georgia in general. this is your moment.  Get together, organize, volunteer, and, if the time is right, throw your hat into the ring.  I can't stand this woman.  She must be thrown out of office.

28 March 2019

Donald Trump - Why Trump Wants to Go to the Moon So Badly

Marina Koren
The Atlantic

ezs note:  Sure Donald, we'll provide you with a ticket to the Moon...
(one way only)


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23 November 2018

St. Lucia - LGBT group wants its turn to meet with government

St. Lucia News Online

Castries, St. Lucia


please press:

17 November 2018

civil rights - Betsy DeVos Wants to Roll Back Civil Rights Protections For Students Filing Complaints of Sexual Harassment or Assault

Emma J Roth


please press:

ezs note:  Also of note, Dennis Prager, 'president' of PragerU, spouts the same crap to colleges and universities.   Whether you are gay, lesbian, transgender, or straight, it's really imperative that you nip this in the bud, the sooner the better.

16 September 2018

Uganda - Why Uganda hates homosexuality so much that it wants to ban a popular festival

Mildred Europa Taylor
Face 2 Face Africa

Kampala, Uganda


please press:

26 August 2018

26 January 2018

28 January 2016

Hawaii lawmaker wants to be able to 'steer' his kids straight in conversion therapy

Matthew Clark
Sun Times Network


ezs note:  Certainly, Bob McDermott has the right to his views, no matter how silly they might seem to the rest of us.  Let's just make sure that after the upcoming election, he can only spew forth in his kitchen, rather than in the House.

30 August 2015

Politician wants to ‘examine’ teenagers’ genitals before sporting events (UK)

Joseph Patrick McCormick
Pink News


ezs note:  Dumb da da DUMB!  I've finally found the Asshole of the Year!!!  Congratulations, Roger Hunt(R-SD).  Nobody deserves this award more than you.

By the way, when you mention the term "culture", does yours originally come from Russia?  Just askin'...