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22 April 2016

03 December 2013

Got what it takes?


So, it's almost Christmas.  Time to buy presents for all the people in the family.  Or it's Hanukkah. Time to buy a beautiful brisket for family and friends.  Or just a time to relax after the bustle that comes with winter.  And it's time to think about your election.


It's too early, you say.  And... me?  Little ole me? What can I bring to the table?  

Plenty.  You just haven't thought of those things yet.  Do you remember Islan Nettles, the transgender woman who was bludgeoned to death?  Or those transgenders who want to work, are desperate to work, but can't find any?  Or the transman who is about to be evicted for the sole reason of who he chooses to be.  Suddenly, you bring eloquence to the table.  One which is sorely lacking without you.

If you think that I'm saying this will be ridiculously easy, sorry, go to Fantasy Island.  The next year will be hard work.  Unless you run unopposed,  you're going to have to take some of the most ridiculous trash possible from your opponent.  And take it all with good cheer.  You may have to run on a shoestring.  A really bad, worn, about-to-fall-apart shoestring.  And if you come in second, you feel as if you lost the universe.  

You didn't, though.  We need voices like yours.  Have courage, and be our voice.

22 November 2013

About Islan Nettles

Akiba Solomon

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ezs note:  Please, if you have any information or evidence about Paris Wilson or his accomplices, turn it in to police immediately.  Thanks. 

19 November 2013

Suspect in beating death of transgender woman walks


*more here*

ezs note:  Please, I urge you, if you have any evidence that leads either to Mr. Wilson or to another suspect, feel better about yourself and turn this in.  Thanks.