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13 December 2018

lead story - Church of England issues transgender advice for clergy

Matthew Weaver
The Guardian

Holy Trinity Church
Wensley, North Yorkshire, UK


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18 May 2018

08 May 2018

Louisiana - Louisiana House rejects effort to study issues of incarcerated women

Mark Ballard
The Advocate

The Cowardly Lion
(currently 'serving' in the Louisiana House)


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17 March 2018

Mom Shares Transgender Teen's Heartbreaking Suicide Note to Raise Awareness to Issues She Faced

Jason Duaine Hahn


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ezs note:  If you need help, PLEASE call 1-800-TALK/8255.  Thanks.

08 January 2018

El Salvador - Trump Administration Issues Sadistic Order Targeting 200,000 Salvadorans

Gabe Ortiz


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ezs note:  Ah, yes, Donald Dumbass is at it again.  Now he wants to deport 200,000 Salvadorans, which, incidentally, (or not...) has the highest has the highest number of transgender people fleeing this repressive regime. Please, call and urge him to do what your Representative can do to halt President Dumbass in his tracks.  Thanks.

30 December 2016

Addressing the Trump Conflict Issues

Laurence Tribe and Mark Green
The New York Times


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20 September 2016

History professor: Gender identity issues, prejudice go way back in U.S. history

Rob Schofield
the progressive pulse


28 August 2016

Conference promote awareness of transgender issues

Celia Llopis-Jepsen
The Hutchinson News


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22 August 2016

Texas Judge Issues Nationwide Injunction Blocking Trans-Friendly School Guidelines

Mark Joseph Stern


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26 May 2016

30 April 2016

Backlash, praise for Target's position on transgender issue picks up steam

Kavita Kumar


ezs note:  To those who wish to petition in FAVOR of Target, please go to Also, if you wish, buy a few items from Target.  Thanks!

17 April 2016

Governor Pat McCrory: More dialogue needed on transgender issues



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ezs note:  Oh, great idea, Gov. McCrory... too bad you didn't think of it before you signed this stupid bill.  Dumbass. 

10 January 2016

Legislative Issues Set To Include Abortion, Ethics And Hemp



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ezs note:  South Dakotans - It's listed about halfway down, but moronic legislators are trying to force transgender students to use their biological bathroom in school, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them.  Tell your legislators to say NO to this idiotic bill.  Oh, and turn Reps. Fred Deutsch and Jim Bolin out on their ear in November!

29 November 2015

Transgender issues under spotlight with Halton mental health group (UK)

Oliver Clay


18 October 2015

Transgender Canadians Speak Out On Federal Election Issues (Canada)

Al Donato
Huffington Post Canada