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18 March 2020

Donald Trump - The Putin Files: Michael McFaul (Frontline)

Michael McFaul

ezs note:  This is the second in a series where former Ambassador Michael McFaul is being interviewed by Frontline.

17 March 2020

Donald Trump - The Putin Files - Julia Ioffe (Frontline)

ezs note:  Wow... this is a shitload of valuable information.  For the next 29 (!) days, I will be delving deeply into how cozy Trump got with Putin.  Today, Frontline interviews Julia Ioffe.

09 February 2019

Indiana - Elvis impersonator turned state legislator files anti-transgender bill in Indiana

Alex Bollinger
LGBTQ Nation

ezs note:  Uh-huh.  If you live in Indiana's 45th district, (Jasonville area) maybe it's time to send Fake Elvis (Bruce Borders) packing.  Contact your Democratic committee.


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06 April 2016

Bright files bill that would restrict transgender bathroom access

Amanda Coyne
Greenville Online

Lee "Bright"


ezs note:  South Carolinians - do your part and say NO to this stupid bill to YOUR state representative and state senator.  And if you live in Spartanburg or Greenville county (12th state senatorial district), do what you can to send Lee "Bright" packing!

18 March 2016

Protection for LGBT Workers on the Rise: EEOC Files First Title VII Lawsuits Alleging Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Jill Rosenberg, Shaunicie Fielder and Megan Lawson


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23 March 2015

Legislator files bills prohibiting gender neutral housing, unisex public bathrooms

Columbia Daily Tribune