24 January 2017

Use your voice!

Credit:  https://cdn.psychologytoday.com/sites/default/files/blogs/68127/2012/07/102426-99797.jpg

ezs note:  You want to do something - so here's how!  To speak on national issues - whether for or against a particular bill - for your Representative, click www.house.gov, and click in your ZIP code in the right side of the screen  and your Rep will appear. (hopefully)  Click in an e-letter, or do it personally.  I find that talking is better - you are more likely a real response rather than a canned one.  Next, go to talk to your Senators. (Remember, at the federal level, there are always two.) Click www.senate.gov.  At the state or local level call your city or town hall ask for your state rep AND state senator, or your city or town hall, and the next date they will be meeting.   The local meetings are the BEST chance of meeting face-to-face, so if possible, take it!

Good luck!

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