14 February 2017

Children at faith school 'ordered by teachers to ignore classmate because her parent is transgender' (UK)

Siobhan Henton and Dina Rickman
The Independent

Credit:  https://media.deseretdigital.com/file/ff8dca4869.jpg?crop=top_0~left_0~width_900~height_690&resize=width_630~height_483&c=2&a=934cca07

ezs note:  These - ahem - "teachers", if these allegations prove true, deserve to fired immediately.  They don't deserve to head up a dog training school, never mind a school with young children.  If you live in the UK, please write or e-write the Minister of State for School Standards in the Department of Education to let them know of your extreme displeasure regarding this situation.  Thanks.

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