11 June 2017

Thank you, John Scagliotti!

John Scagliotti

Credit:  https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/530756983284977664/7c2sXyPk.jpeg

ezs note:  So, here I am, blogging out yet another version of Emily's Virtual Rocket.  It has been terribly satisfying work.  Yet, until yesterday, I wondered if my work was of truly significant import.

OK, let me explain.  Roughly a month ago, I saw an advertisement for the Connecticut LGBT Film Festival.  Among the films being shown was Before Homosexuals: The Prequel To Before Stonewall.  Wow - this really intrigued me.  In my spare time, I delved into the body of work by scholars who worked in the LGBT community. (and in  particular, transgender people)  Well, on Saturday, I decided to go this movie.  It really was a fine film.  On the way out, who was there but John Scagliotti!

I had to see him.

In my work, I had encountered the CafĂ© Zehner, a bar in Munich which was raided by the police in 1921.  I asked John if he had any information on this place.  He was very courteous and very informative, talking at length about the interwar Germany.  After the meeting broke up, John stopped and gave me some very helpful info about the German word Schwule, which might provide me some valuable information.  After a few moments, I was about to leave, but I said "You know, I have this blog, Emily's Virtual Rocket..." He had seen it already!  You could have knocked me over with a feather!

I know I said it before, John, but you made my day. Thanks!

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