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08 October 2017

04 June 2017

24 March 2016

LGBT Employment Discrimination Ban Dead For This Year

Fred Knapp
NET News


please press:

22 October 2015

Know the facts behind Houston’s HERO fight

Cece Cox
The Dallas Morning News


ezs note:  In Houston - and in cities and towns around the country - there are ballot measures around the country.  Don't overlook them!  In Houston, it is being referred to as the HERO measure.  Please vote YES on this measure.  And better yet, bring a friend!

27 June 2015

Gay rights advocates set to take on bias in jobs, housing

Erik Eckholm
The Boston Globe


09 November 2014

City hears request for possible nondiscrimination ordinance

Mori Kessler

to read more, go to:

ezs note:  As an aside, you gotta check out the town's anti-dancing ordinance!  (no, this is not a misprint)  This town is off its noodle in so many ways!