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26 August 2018

Texas - VIDEO: VICE on HBO Documents The Battle Over Transgender Rights In Texas, Watch Trailer Here


Austin, TX


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31 January 2018

Texas' First Transgender Mayor Seeks Re-election

Christian McPhate
Dallas Observer

Jess Herbst


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02 January 2018

It’s an election year in Texas and LGBTQ candidates are flooding the zone

E.A. Crunden


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ezs note: Texans -  I know it's early, but particularly if you live in one of the districts that are LGBTQ, you might want to consider making a donation.  Of course, you'll want to consider other areas, but if you're amenable to this person, even five or ten bucks will make a difference.

16 December 2017

Canyon, Texas

estimated transgender population:  88*
(rounded up)


ezs note: Wow... as you can see from the photo above, Canyon, Texas has some of the most beautiful land around.  So, come on down for a visit!

28 October 2017

Irving, Texas

estimated transgender population:  1326* (rounded down)


ezs note:  Home of the Dallas Cowboys! And home to poverty-stricken areas surrounding it!  Yee-haw!  Anyway, visit Irving, Texas.

16 August 2017

Transgender ‘bathroom bill’ fails again in Texas as special session ends

Sandhya Somashekhar
The Washington Post


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12 August 2017

The Foolish Transgender Debate in Texas

Editorial Board
The New York Times


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08 August 2017

Texas Transgender Bathroom Bill Falters Amid Mounting Opposition

David Montgomery
The New York Times


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ezs note:  Texans - despite the funny drawing up top, it's always good to be diligent.  Call your State Senator AND State Representative and tell them to vote NO on this horrible bill.  Thanks.

23 June 2017

California restricts state travel to Texas, other states over LGBT laws

Reid Wilson
The Hill


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06 June 2017

Job Fair!


ezs note:  This is a new feature for a transgender seeking new/better employment as a tool for better economic security.  A few tips: 1)  Dress professionally. If you need some pointers, Google here.  2)  Speak professionally.  Needless to say, no gum-chewing.  No matter how many butterflies you may have, speak and act confidently.  Need to speak proper English?  Google here .  3)  Do your freakin' homework.  Nothing is worse than going from a bad situation to an absolutely horrible one.  That goes double if you are transgender. Anyone can put 'LGBTs welcome' on a business card, but it's up to YOU to check it out.  If you can, talk to a few employees.  Check it out on Wikipedia.  If you are considering a mid to major corporation, see the HRC Corporate Equality Index.  

note: This is a random sampling of job fairs throughout US/Canada. To see more, type 'job fairs' under News.

Town/City: Houston, TX
Location: 419 Crawford St. (approx.)
(where Houston Astros play)
Date:  Thursday, June 8
Time(s): 11 am - 3 pm

note:  only veterans, spouses, guardsmen, and reservists may attend
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01 June 2017

Texas transgender drag queen raped, attacked by man wielding hammer



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ezs note:  Well, if you are a certain person who lives in Austin, you truly ARE an asshole.

To help with Christi's medical and legal expenses, please go to

22 May 2017

Texas to pass bill banning transgender students from choosing bathrooms

Tom Dart
The Guardian

Hey Stars - have you ever been thinking about 
moving away from those assholes in Texas?
(hint:  think northeast, 41° 45′ 45″ N72° 40′ 27″ W)