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23 March 2020

Alabama - Human Rights Watch Letter Re: House Bill 303 and Health Care for Transgender and Intersex Children

Zama Neff
Human Rights Watch

Jazz Jennings

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ezs note:  Alabamians - as you can see, Zama Neff has written a fine letter against HB 303.  All you need do is write a few lines, followed by Ms. Neff's letter.  Please remember to ewrite your state legislator and state senator.  Thanks.  

27 January 2019

civil rights - UA transgender policy hits home; worker presses system on health care as Texas case resumes

Jaime Adame
Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Fayetteville, AR
Pritchard House


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30 November 2018

Alabama - Alabama health care fails transgender students

Leah Goggins
The Crimson White

University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL


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07 October 2018

29 April 2018

civil rights - Health care new front for transgender rights under Trump

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL)


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22 January 2018

20 January 2018