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05 March 2019

14 June 2018

civil rights - Guest column: Despite DOJ, court rules transgender discrimination violates federal law

Rob Ratton
Memphis Business Journal

Department of Justice headquarters


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09 June 2018

lead story - Despite Trump, transgender veterans honor their own

Michael Mathes
The Times of Israel

Arlington National Cemetery


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I think a servicemember said it best:

“In November, people need to get off their butts and vote,” she said.

Any questions, jarheads?  (with apologies to Dr. Heitner)

02 June 2018

civil rights - Virginia school district vows to fight on despite losing transgender bathroom ruling

Casey Quinlan

Or the Board of Education.  Take your pick.


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27 May 2018

Georgia (country) - LGBT Supporters Rally In Tbilisi, Despite Fears Of Violence


Tbilisi, Georgia


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21 May 2018

16 November 2017

Donald Trump breaks silence to back Roy Moore staying in Senate race despite teenage girl allegations

Ben Riley-Smith
The Telegraph


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ezs note:  If you happen to be in Lakewood, Ohio on November 29,  perhaps you would enjoy this.

09 September 2017

Transgender Iowan deploys to Hurricane Irma despite president's ban

Courtney Crowder
The Des Moines Register

Sint Maarten


13 June 2015

Despite strides, many still see role for city’s Pride parade

Katherine Landergan and Claire Nobles
The Boston Globe