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03 October 2018

lead story - The New Smear Against Transgender Men

Evan Urquhart


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23 August 2018

15 August 2018

Honduras/USA - ICE Releases Some Transgender Women Seeking Asylum

Marisa DeMarco

University of New Mexico


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04 August 2018

civil rights - Middle school principal wrote transgender women ‘are NOT women.’ He says he regrets it.

Lexi Cortes
Belleville News-Democrat


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ezs note:  If this paragraph were written by a janitor or a substitute teacher,  yeah, maybe I'd give him/her a pass. But a principal???  I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I'd think long and hard if I were offered this position. 

02 August 2018

10 July 2018

lead story - Study finds health risks for transgender women on hormone therapy

Avichai Scher
NBC News


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ezs note:  A few tips are in order here:  Read the entire article, including hotlinks.  Don't just give it a quick skim.  Next, see an American Medical Association (AMA) accredited physician to discuss the benefits and risks you are taking.  It's your decision - make it an informed one. 

14 June 2018

Thailand - Thai transgender women share their truths about social acceptance

Annie Kuo
International Examiner

Angkor, Thailand


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20 May 2018

lead story - Idaho agrees to pay transgender women's attorney fees

Betsy Z. Russell
Idado State Journal

Idaho state capitol (interior)


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19 May 2018

Mexico - Mexico bans 17 'false' transgender women running in local elections

Marta Rodriguez Martinez

Muxes, Zapotec region


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16 May 2018

lead story - 2 transgender women have turned up dead in Dallas in the last week

Matthew Martinez
The Sacramento Bee

Vincent van Gogh, Sorrow


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ezs note:  Unfortunately, two transgender women have been found murdered in Dallas, TX in a short period of time. The first, mentioned previously, was Carla Patricia Flores-Pavon.  The second is unidentified.  She was a black transgender woman, 5 feet 3 inches tall, 130 pounds.  If you have information about either one of these murders, please call the Dallas police at 214-283-4856. Thanks.   

14 May 2018

lead story - Colombia’s indigenous transgender women find refuge, freedom working on coffee farms

Kenneth Dickerman
The Washington Post

Coffea canephora


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ezs note:  Wow! Here I am in Connecticut, enjoying my coffee, when I find out about the hard, industrious work of the pickers!  You are to be commended!  I hope that my work makes life a bit better for all of us.  

28 March 2018

15 March 2018

16 January 2018

12 November 2017