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25 December 2018

11 July 2018

lead story - Judge Denies Parents’ Attempt To Change Transgender Child’s Name

CBS Sacramento

Warren (OH) County Courthouse


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05 April 2017

Attempt To Oust Pro-Transgender Equality School Board Members Fails In Illinois

Amanda Terkel
The Huffington Post


12 July 2016

28 January 2014

3 of 4 Transgender Victims of Violence at School Attempt Suicide

 Dennis Romero

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ezs note:  Hey, don't try and go it alone!  Contact the nearest competent licensed psychologist.  If money is an issue, your locality may offer discounted prices.  But go!

27 January 2013

FDA attempt to curb prescription drug deaths concerns transgender individuals - J. SKYLER ROBINSON -

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ezs note:  My best advice in taking prescription medication is to seek the advice of your doctor - but not just any doctor.  If she/he has never treated a transgender patient, and/or has not specialized in transgender concerns, it might be best to find someone else.