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14 April 2019

11 February 2019

El Salvador - Nayib Bukele elected president of El Salvador

Ernesto Valle
Washington Blade

San Salvador, El Salvador
(1868 flag)


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10 November 2018

Donald Trump - Feds Now Have Evidence Trump Broke the Law to Become President. Will Whitaker Bury It?

Mimi Rocah, Elie Honig
Daily Beast


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21 April 2018

17 February 2018

Donald Trump - President Claims Media Ignoring Certain Russia Facts, Evidence Notwithstanding

Greg Evans
Deadline Hollywood


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24 January 2018

Uganda's President says he loves Donald Trump because he's frank about Africa

Faith Karimi, Briana Duggan

The Two Stooges


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04 January 2018

Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President

Michael Wolff
New York



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15 September 2017

The Loneliest President

Michael Kruse


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ezs note:  Michael Kruse's article is fairly long, but there is a piece, very short, that says it all:

"You remind me of Howard Hughes," a friend told him.

"Thanks," Trump said.  "I admire him."

Ahem...THAT says it all.