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14 April 2019

11 February 2019

El Salvador - Nayib Bukele elected president of El Salvador

Ernesto Valle
Washington Blade

San Salvador, El Salvador
(1868 flag)


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10 November 2018

Donald Trump - Feds Now Have Evidence Trump Broke the Law to Become President. Will Whitaker Bury It?

Mimi Rocah, Elie Honig
Daily Beast


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21 April 2018

17 February 2018

Donald Trump - President Claims Media Ignoring Certain Russia Facts, Evidence Notwithstanding

Greg Evans
Deadline Hollywood


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24 January 2018

Uganda's President says he loves Donald Trump because he's frank about Africa

Faith Karimi, Briana Duggan

The Two Stooges


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04 January 2018

Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President

Michael Wolff
New York



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15 September 2017

The Loneliest President

Michael Kruse


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ezs note:  Michael Kruse's article is fairly long, but there is a piece, very short, that says it all:

"You remind me of Howard Hughes," a friend told him.

"Thanks," Trump said.  "I admire him."

Ahem...THAT says it all.

09 September 2017

Transgender Iowan deploys to Hurricane Irma despite president's ban

Courtney Crowder
The Des Moines Register

Sint Maarten