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28 November 2018

civil rights - How to Fight With a Trump Target on Your Back. Stories of Hope and Survival From Our Trans Readers.

Ashley Dejean
Mother Jones


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ezs note: Be sure to listen to the Mother Jones podcast as well.

30 December 2016

SDGLN's top local news stories of 2016

George Vernon


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28 December 2016

The top 10 transgender stories of 2016

Dawn Ennis
LGBTQ Nation


ezs note:  Of the the ten listed here, please take special note of the nitwit at number 2.  Gawd, this cuckoobird belongs in a rubber room, not a state legislature!

22 October 2016

Readers share their stories after article on transgender teen

Nina Shapiro
The Seattle Times


01 January 2016

16 August 2015

Trans Scripts at Edinburgh festival review – six timely stories from transgender women (UK)

Lyn Gardner
The Guardian


10 August 2015

Web series celebrates personal stories of transgender people across Canada (Canada)

Susan Hay
Global News


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02 August 2015

02 July 2015

10 April 2015

'I've lost tons of friends and it’s been hell': Transgender teen, 16, who shared horrific stories of bullying at school takes her own life (UK)



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ezs note:  If you are feeling at the end of your rope, please use the helpline numbers at the end of the article.  They're here for YOU!