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17 February 2020

Donald Trump - Pelosi warns Democrats 'must be unified' to ensure Trump isn't reelected

Clare Foran

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

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ezs note:  Amen, Nancy.  My heart belongs to Bernie, but whoever the candidate is, he or she will have my fullest endorsement.  They're better than that vermin Trump.  I hope you will do likewise.

03 December 2019

Donald Trump - Democrats release impeachment report detailing 'overwhelming' evidence of misconduct and obstruction

Manu Raju, Jeremy Herb

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ezs note:  THIS is it.

Here is the complete report by the House Intelligence Committee reported by Adam Schiff, his Members, and many, many, staff.  You can find the complete report HERE.

If at all possible, please read the entire report.  When I'm done with today's news, I plan on reading it in its entirety.

28 October 2019

Donald Trump - Democrats moving toward next phase of impeachment inquiry with key vote

Jeremy Herb, Lauren Fox, Manu Raju, Kaitlan Collins, Pamela Brown

ezs note: In case you've been nodding off, this is the second revolution.  There are a few Democrats who are a bit wishy-washy; all of the Democrats and many of the Republicans know Trump is evil incarnate, but that doesn't mean she/he will vote that way.  Put his/her feet to the fire and make them vote their consciences.

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14 October 2018

Donald Trump - A very early 2020 poll shows Democrats like Biden to take on Trump

Emily Stewart

VP Joe Biden


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16 September 2018

civil rights - 'A Bully and a Bigot.' Trump Draws Fire From Democrats at Annual LGBT Dinner

Abby Vesoulis

HRC headquarters
Washington DC


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07 August 2018

lead story - Democrats poised to pick transgender woman for Vermont governor

Ben Schreckinger

Underhill, Vermont


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