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13 May 2020

Oregon - A Lawsuit Against Gov. Kate Brown Reunites Old Allies From the Conservative Edge of Oregon Politics

Tess Riski
Willamette Week

Baker City, OR

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ezs note: To those attending a church, synagogue, mosque, etc. - have you heard of zoomYou meet in a gathering, without the pesky business of dying.  You ought to try it out! 

16 February 2020

lead story - Teen Beats Transgender Competitor Amid Sports Participation Lawsuit

NBC News

Canton, CT

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ezs note: Normally, I don't like to stay in one state very much, but this is too rich!  Canton's Chelsea Mitchell beat out everyone - including Terry Miller, a transgender athlete.  Ironically, this win put the kibosh on Alliance Defending Freedom.  Uh, nice try, ADF!

This should put the lie to the nonsense ADF peddles. 

17 April 2019

26 January 2019

23 January 2019