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03 March 2020

Iowa - Ban conversion therapy in Iowa

John S. Westefeld
Iowa City Press-Citizen

Iowa City, IA

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ezs note:  Hey, all I can tell you is that here in Connecticut, people haven't been zapped into oblivion.  I'll be happiest when all 50 states ban 'conversion therapy'. 

30 January 2020

lead story - Iowa bill to end transgender civil rights protections is dead

NBC News

Denison, IA

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ezs note:  I know that some more conservative transgender people might feel a bit slighted, but when a Republican leader does a really good thing, I try not to let it pass by.  If you live in Iowa (especially the 18th district) be sure to thank Rep. Holt.  

29 November 2019

Iowa - Iowa GOP lawmaker calls flying of trans flag above Capitol an act of the 'Rainbow Jihad'

Morgan Gstatler
The Hill

Rep. Skyler Wheeler (R-IA)

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ezs note:  4th district of Iowa (most of Sioux County) - Ah, Skyler.  Dont'cha just love him?  No? Then may I suggest organizing the Democratic party with the goal of ousting Skyler.  Did I say it was easy? Nope.  Never said it would be.  But ousting Skyler - doesn't that sound good?  

06 August 2018

27 March 2018

Iowa - Republican senator opposes Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military

Zack Ford

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)


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10 March 2018

Iowa - Senate expresses support for transgender, gender non-conforming students

Alex Connor
Iowa State Daily

Beardshear Hall


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17 February 2018

Iowa religious liberty bill is a neon 'unwelcome' sign

Kathie Obradovich
Des Moines Register

scene in Sioux City, Iowa


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17 January 2018

Editorial: Ernst owes Iowans answers

Editorial board
Quad Cities Times


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13 January 2018

Ankeny, Iowa

estimated transgender population:  340*
(rounded down)


ezs note:  While my hometown has remained fairly stable, Ankeny, Iowa has grown by leaps and bounds!  Come see what all the buzz is about!

24 October 2017

How LGBTQ-friendly are Iowa cities?

Mackenzie Elmer, Andy Davis, Kim Norvell
The Des Moines Register

Cedar Rapids, Iowa