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18 January 2019

civil rights - Womxn’s March Denver: 7 things to know if you are – or aren’t – planning to attend

Oscar Contreras

Denver, CO (Civic Center Park)
approximate location


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ezs note:  In case you were wondering.  the date is tomorrow (Jan. 19).  If you haven't planned yet, do it now!

26 November 2017

How a Colorado cake shop could erode civil rights for LGBTQ Americans

Lucia Graves
The Guardian


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30 January 2017

How to Plan a Safe Trip for Gay and Transgender Travelers

Tanya Mohn
The New York Times


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31 December 2016


Daniel Wenger
The New Yorker


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01 December 2016

Skipping school: Faithless electors are planning their protest votes against Donald Trump

Matthew Rozsa


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ezs note:  If you are living in one of the states that voted for Trump and you are a Republican - but you can't stand the sight of this ogre - here is something you can do.  Remember - it isn't over until the fat ass sings!

16 November 2016

Transgender woman claims vandals spray-painted her car with hate speech

Anica Padilla


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10 December 2013


I recently read a story about two transgender woman who were murdered in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. These stories always sadden me, but this one hit me especially hard.  Her name was Betty Skinner.  A 52-year-old woman, she was disabled.  She lived in a senior housing complex.

Just like me.

Tell your Congressperson that there are people who are transgender people of all ages, all races, and all abilities.  Tell them that they are just as deserving of police protection as anyone else.  And if, god forbid, a transgender person is murdered, they deserve a thorough investigation into their murder.

We deserve nothing less. We are human beings.

New Haven, Connecticut  Rosa DeLauro (D)  CT3
Wilmington, North Carolina Walter Jones (R)   NC3
Birmingham, Michigan   Kerry Bentivolio (R)   MI11
Bushkill, Pennsylvania   Tom Marino(R)  PA10
Eastchester, New York   Eliot Engel (D)   NY16
Owings Mills, Maryland  C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger (D)   MD2
North Port, Florida   Vern Buchanan (R)   FL16
Hendersonville, North Carolina Mark Meadows (R) NC11
Kennesaw, Georgia  Phil Gingrey (R)   GA11
Denver, Colorado   Diana DeGette (D)   CO1

The towns and cities listed above are randomly listed through the Internet.  If you live in - not near - one of the towns or cities listed, simply place the cursor over the name of the Congressperson, click it, and you will be transported to the Congressperson's blog.  For any other location, go to, enter the ZIP code, and you will be shown who the Congressperson you should be in touch with.  For more than one Congressperson, enter ZIP+4.  (example: 12345-6789)  You can check the last 4 digits on virtually any mail you receive.

10 November 2012


It's Veteran's Day!  Hey, President Obama, you did right by gays, lesbians, and bisexuals - how 'bout us transgenders?  Here's what's happening... Stockholm, Stockholms Lan, Sweden.... Brookline, Massachusetts...  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... Saint James, New York... Sheffield, England, UK... Syracuse, New York... Fargo, North Dakota... Washington, District of Columbia... Terre Haute, Indiana... Denver, Colorado... Bulle, Fribourg, Switzerland... Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania... Brockville, Ontario, Canada... Mountain View, California... Framingham, Massachusetts...  Central District, S.A.R., China (Hong Kong)... Sunnyvale, California... Dublin, Ireland... Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead, England, UK... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... Monroe Township, New Jersey... Zaventem, Vlaams-Brabant, Belgium...  Canandaigua, New York... Roselle, Illinois... Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia...  Kent, Ohio... Youngstown, Ohio... Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada...

Hey, you can help!

09 November 2012

Let 'em have it - by e-mail!

A few things to remember; as I said before, the House of Representatives has an election every two years, and they had one this past Tuesday.  If your representative's mark "" has a hash mark(#) next to it, it probably means that he/she is serving his last term.  However, until she/he gives up the seat formally (usually the first week in January) she/he continues the seat in November and December.  Therefore, it's considered proper etiquette to address the current member, not the future one.

In brief:  Let all LGBT people have the same rights as heterosexual people do, and let them be universal.

Mountain View, California - Anna Eshoo (D) - CA14
Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania - Mike Doyle (D) - PA14
Framingham, Massachusetts  - Ed Markey (D) - MA7
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Robert Brady (D) - PA1
Fargo, North Dakota - Rick Berg (R) - ND/AL
Washington, District of Columbia - Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) - DC/AL*
Syracuse, New York - Ann Marie Buerkle (D) - NY25
Terre Haute, Indiana - Larry Buchson (D)
Denver, Colorado - Diane DeGette (D) - CO1
Monroe Township, New Jersey - Rush Holt (D) - NJ12

The representatives are samples; to find yours, go to and enter it where it says "ZIP codes".

18 February 2011


WowIt's 50 degrees F(12 degrees C) out! Here's a look at the week...
Jaipur, Rajasthan,India... Salt Lake City, Utah...Neenah, Wisconsin... 
London, England, UK... Lyon, Rhone-Alpes, France... Arlington, Virginia...
 Saint Louis, Missouri... Hamburg, Germany... Cork, Ireland... Terre Haute,
Indiana... Hesperange, Luxembourg... Palmetto, Florida... Burlington,
Massachusetts... Denver, Colorado... Reading, Pennsylvania... Boston,
Massachusetts... Five Ways, Victoria, Australia... Dublin, Ireland...
Dubai, United Arab Emirates... Ottawa, Ontario... Victoria, British
Columbia, Canada...  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... Glasgow, Scotland, 
UK.... Providence, Utah... Fairbanks, Alaska... Aiea, Hawaii... Glennagoul,
Cork, Ireland... Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada... Beatrice,
Nebraska... and Chicago, Illinois... hello out there!