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23 November 2013



There are times, to be sure, when it is good, even noble, to be silent.  When we are in our rooms, late at night, contemplating.  When we are in the woods or fields.  When we are in a rocker.

However, there are times when it is clearly not good to be silent.  When some yahoo spouts his garbage, who is there to speak up?

You are.

I have made this point clearly and abundantly.  I believe in inclusive equality.  This includes gays.  This includes lesbians.  This includes bisexuals. This includes queers.  This includes questioners.  And this includes (near and dear to my heart) transgenders.

I do what I can.  But you must do things too!  When a bill comes before Congress, e-write her or him.  When your Congressperson comes to town, go there and speak up.  When your town or city hall has a meeting, go there and speak up.  When you can't make it because of work, e-write the council members.  If necessary, protest.  And if all the people have hearts of stone, dammit, run yourself!

You've shown enough silence. Go out there and do something.

Alexandria, Virginia   Jim Moran (D)   VA8
Roselle, Illinois Tammy Duckworth (D)   IL8
Conshohocken, Pennsylvania   Patrick Meehan (R)   PA7
Leesburg, Virginia   Frank Wolf (R)   VA10
Crestview, Florida   Jeff Miller (R)  FL1
Overland Park, Kansas  Kevin Yoder (R) KS4
Lakeside, California   Duncan Hunter (R)   CA50
South Bend, Indiana   Jackie Walorski (R)   IN2
Sugar Land, Texas   Pete Olson (R)   TX22
Fremont, Indiana   Marlin Stutzman (R)   IN3

The listings above are randomly selected by the Internet.  If you live in (not near) one of the towns or cities listed above, just press the name of the Congressperson, and you will be transported to her/his site.  If you are at all unsure of your Congressperson, go to and enter your ZIP code.  If several people are the result, please enter the ZIP+4 code.  (example: 12345-6789)  Thanks.