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30 March 2020

civil rights - Lorena Borjas, Pioneering Transgender Latina Activist in NYC, Dies From COVID-19

NBC News

Goodbye, Lorena... 😔

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ezs note:  Do you have what it takes to pick up the fallen torch of Lorena?  If you have the skills and the moxie to do some of her work, please consider doing some of her work.  Thanks.


Lorena Borjas

24 February 2019

civil rights - ‘We refuse to hide’: Sarah DePalma, transgender ‘firebrand,’ dead at 67

Lisa Gray
Houston Chronicle

her scrapbook


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ezs note:  I remember the very last words in her scrapbook - '...and we vote'.  Remember that in November. 

02 August 2017

In China, a pioneering transgender movie made by teens is trying to skirt censorship

Zheping Huang, Visen Liu

Escape (China)


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