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26 November 2017

Donald Trump is 'furious' with Ivanka for Roy Moore comment (New Zealand)

Valerie Edwards
New Zealand Herald


please press:

ezs note: If you plan on being in Washington DC anytime between December 6 through the 9th, perhaps it would be a good idea to be here.

18 June 2017

Comment: Transgender rights are women’s rights (Canada)

Kimberley Ens Manning and Julie Temple Newhook
Times Colonist

To the really, really, really simpleminded:  try this - dumbass.


06 November 2013

New blogpaper up!

On November 6, I finally put up a new blogpaper.  I really like it a lot better.  The title of each section is a lot larger, and the typeface is much more attractive.  The "Comment" section is bolder, and uses a different color which makes commentary by you far easier.  Plus, I like pink!

As always, you are more than welcome to send your comments and questions to me.  Thanks.

08 September 2010

Montana Tea Party axed over comments concerning hanging of homosexuals (Huffington Post)

The president of Montana's Big Sky Tea Party Association has been fired from his leadership position following remarks made online that implied his support for the public hanging of homosexuals. (more above)