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10 November 2018

Donald Trump - Feds Now Have Evidence Trump Broke the Law to Become President. Will Whitaker Bury It?

Mimi Rocah, Elie Honig
Daily Beast


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14 July 2018

26 March 2017

Midvale Candidate Hopes To Become Utah's First Transgender Mayor

Julia Ritchey


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14 May 2016

Denmark to become first country not to define being transgender as a mental illness

Simon Robb


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24 May 2014

My husband chose to become a woman (Australia)

 Wendy Squires

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ezs note: The general rule is the more you try to "fix" things, the more they get messed up.   If you haven't done so already, see a competent therapist, then get your life in order.  It doesn't matter whether your'e in an Australian rock band member or the former governor of New Jersey, (or anyone else) get help now!

18 June 2013

08 September 2010

Egyptian transsexual battles to become a doctor (Monsters and Critics)

Cairo - Sally Abdullah Mursi walks into a room with an air of confidence, clutching a leather handbag in one hand and holding a pink mobile telephone in the other.(more above)