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01 March 2019

11 December 2018

12 September 2018

lead story - Springfield transgender woman speaks out about knife attack from man she met on dating app

Gregory J. Holman
Springfield News-Leader

Springfield, MO


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14 August 2018

lead story - Man accused of shooting transgender woman at Detroit gas station bound over for trial

Nick Monacelli

Detroit, MI


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ezs note:  If you are the one who tipped the police, thank you!  

25 February 2018

New Mexico - Man indicted in 2009 slaying of Navajo woman

Elise Kaplan
Albuquerque Journal


please press:

Dear cretinous vermin:  It may take a day, or it may take eight or more years.  But you will be hunted down and captured.

Thank you, Albuquerque Police Department, for your diligence.

15 February 2018

Man accused of robbing and shooting transgender woman takes a plea deal

Allie Gross
Detroit Free Press

Detroit, MI


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12 November 2017

18 August 2017

08 February 2017

Man bound for trial in shooting of transgender woman

Oralander Brand-Williams
The Detroit News


13 January 2017

01 December 2016

03 October 2016