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10 January 2018

30 January 2017

A Survey Of 1,500 Transgender Texans Quantifies The Challenges That They Face

Dan Solomon
Texas Monthly


ezs note:  If you are from Texas, do yourself and your district a big favor by urging your state congressperson AND state senator to vote NO on the idiotic Senate Bill 6.  Thanks.

13 December 2016

Here’s a Huge New Survey of Transgender Americans

Jesse Singal
New York Magazine


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08 December 2016

Beyond Bathrooms: Inside the Largest Ever Survey of Transgender People in America

Katy Steinmetz


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ezs note:  This is the report we've been waiting for.  Awhile back, I filled out the survey, and urged others to do the same.  Now, the US Transgender Survey is out.  In its long form, it's a long read, but in my humble opinion, this is one of most important documents you'll ever read.  For those more comfortable with Spanish, a shorter document is available.

In other words, read it!

16 September 2015

ezs comment #2...


Work commented on:  

One seminal work arose in the past few weeks. 
"If You Are Trans..." discusses the 
important work being done by the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition.  There is, no doubt, how
integral this work is.  I myself filled out the rather long form, but it was entirely worth it.  My voice 
was indeed heard, and I'm damn proud of that. (If you want to participate, press

However, it makes me wonder what 'might have been'.  Undoubtedly, the University of California, Los
 Angeles holds a position second to none when it comes to precision.  NTAC  holds a position second
 to no one by choosing someone with such prestige.  

Indeed,  only the federal government has such clout - and that's where the problem lies.  Inevitably,
John Boehner would sound the hissy-fit alarm.  "We can't spend that much money on a couple of 
transsexuals!  (sic)  Oh the horror!  Let the private sector do it!"  And, at first blush, it would
seem to be a reasonable premise.  Well, except for the fact that the House of Representatives is built 
like a jigsaw puzzle.  Thus, the House is hardly representative... and thus, very unfair.  

When the House of Representatives is put together every ten years by those who want to stay in power - Republicans and Democrats alike - some, uh, strange things happen. Consider Louie Gohmert.   Oh, Louie, Louie, how could we forget you?  Our "hero" put on an unsuccessful challenge against John Boehner - because he was too liberal!  (Don't that beat all?)  Or his psychedelic "asparagus" comments in the House.  Of course, we wouldn't even be having discussions such as these were it not  for the machinations of Tom DeLay.  

Next we consider the capital of Texas, Austin.  Now, Austin isn't quite as liberal as Provincetown - but it's damn well up there.  Now the good friends in Texas  would have shown some kindness toward their capitol  city... wouldn't they?


When the Texas legislature carved up its House of Representatives, they divided  Austin into five parts.  Hence, only 1/5 of Austin got a fair shake in Washington.  It is fair, of course, when a Representative gets to speak his/her mind in D.C., but it is ludicrously unfair when his/her district is shaped like a smashed-up pretzel.

There are anomalies, of course.  A conservative will fall into Jerrold Nadler's district, and a liberal (god bless your heart) will fall into into Louie Gohmert's district.  Hey, that's life.  However you can e-mail them, and let them know that the only good district is a fair district, one so founded by the framers and the Supreme Court.

And, of course, you can run.

Then let us consider the office of Speaker itself.  In the Constitution, there is precious little to tell
us what the Speaker actually does.  "The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker..."  And 
that's it!  One interpretation would give the Speaker little more clout than the Dean of the House.   
Isn't that how it was really meant to be?

Consider the case of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.  She's a proud Republican.  But, she's also a mother of a transgender son.  
Whenever the topic of transgender issues comes up, she and a handful of enlightened Republicans 
plead with the Speaker.  Predictably, nothing comes of it.  

Thanks, John.  Thanks, 1/16 of Ohio.



27 May 2015

23 April 2015

'Striking' increase in Americans who know trans people

Windy City Times


17 May 2013

Of Course Conservatives Think LGBT Discrimination Survey is “Bogus"

 Ashley Lauren Samsa

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