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14 August 2019

Alaska - Women’s shelter can't be punished for denying access to men who identify as female, court rules

Michael Gryboski
The Christian Post

Anchorage, AK

please press:

ezs note:  Aw, we're just helpin' to promote "Christian" values...

Maybe liberal Christian/liberal Jewish/atheist organizations could come together for the homeless rather than have this shithole do the "work"... 

19 January 2019

09 July 2017

Rarely used test could help ID transgender woman in 30-year-old Lake County cold case

Christal Hayes
Orlando Sentinal

"Julie Doe"
(actual identity unknown)


please press:

09 June 2015

Transgender people should use bathroom of gender they identify as, U.S. urges

Lisa Rein
The Washington Post


24 August 2013

UPDATE: Police identify suspect in murder of Fontana resident Domonique Newburn


*more here

ezs update: The police now have a name.  It is Dantjier Powell, accompanied by Jamie Nicole Cotton.  If you see him, do NOT attempt to capture him - call the police instead.  And, Ms. Cotton, do the right thing and notify the police of his whereabouts.  I know it's tough, but he's no hero.

22 June 2013

Report: One-third of SF's homeless identify as gay

ezs note:  One-third of homeless are GLBT.  Think of that.  Then do two things:  make a donation to your local GLBT chapter.  Second, DEMAND that permanent and temporary housing be built for our homeless friends.  You can make a difference!

04 February 2012

Police identify trans woman fatally stabbed at DC bus stop (

*more above*

ezs note:  Police have now identified the woman murdered as Deoni Jones.  Please, if you live or travel through the DC area,  and have any information the police might find useful, call 202-272-9099.  Thanks.