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25 May 2018

21 April 2018

08 April 2018

Ghana - LGBT community in Ghana calls for a referendum on gay rights


Aburi Botanical Garden, Ghana


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19 February 2018

Even as gay rights battles are won, transgender people continue to face obstacles

Jaclyn Cosgrove
Los Angeles Times

Attic vase, ca. 435 BCE


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11 December 2017

Supreme Court turns aside major gay rights plea

Lyle Denniston
Constitution Daily

US Supreme Court


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01 June 2017

Gay rights proponents encourage more LGBT events to boost tourism

Joseph Baucum
Pensacola News Journal


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04 February 2017

01 November 2015

Gay rights battle flares in Houston over nondiscrimination ordinance

Sandhya Somashekhar
The Washington Post


ezs note:  If you live in Houston, Texas, please vote YES on HERO!

22 October 2015

Know the facts behind Houston’s HERO fight

Cece Cox
The Dallas Morning News


ezs note:  In Houston - and in cities and towns around the country - there are ballot measures around the country.  Don't overlook them!  In Houston, it is being referred to as the HERO measure.  Please vote YES on this measure.  And better yet, bring a friend!