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22 August 2018

lead story - Deadly Violence Against Transgender People Is on the Rise. The Government Isn’t Helping.

Chase Strangio


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ezs note:  I recently re-joined the ACLU.  They are a good and decent organization.  If you haven't joined yet, maybe it's a good time!

02 January 2018

Paraguay - Fears rise over LGBT discrimination in conservative Paraguay

Pedro Servin
FOX News


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ezs note:  If you are planning a vacation, please, do NOT go to Paraguay - and tell them why.

10 October 2017


Joseph Darius Jaafari
Nation Swell


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ezs note:  It's one of those little hotlinks that you can easily pass over - but you definitely shouldn't. I read that 0.3 percent made up the transgender population - but I was wrong.  It's 0.58 percent - almost double the amount. (In the initial report, the authors of The Williams Institute [UCLA] listed the data as 0.6 percent - but I felt it was more scientifically sound to list the data at 0.58 percent.)  To get the full documentation from The Williams Institute, press

21 August 2017

KU professor to release new book on the rise of transgender rights

Angie Baldelomar


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29 November 2015

Rise in number of Irish children seeking medical help for transgender issues (Ireland)

Sasha Brady
Irish News


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11 April 2015

23 October 2011

Homophobia exacts a chilling price as hate crimes climb (

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ezs note:  If you are transgender, gay, lesbian, or bisexual and are being harassed, please turn them in!  It's time for you to stop worrying, and let the trolls do it for a change!

09 September 2011

Police figures show rise in recorded anti-gay and transphobic crimes (

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ezs comment:  One thing raised my attention:  According to UK police, among transgender people, crime rose fourteen percent.  To those of you who who are fearful, I do understand.  But those who go unreported, this only means that these trolls go with impunity.  Don't let this happen!!!