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14 January 2019

civil rights - Bill Would Void South Dakota Transgender Athletes Policy

James Nord
US News and World Report

Pierre, SD


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ezs note:  South Dakotans, you can help kill this bill by contacting your state Representative and state Senator and explaining why SB 49 is a bad bill.

09 November 2018

Michigan - LGBT+ students at WMU react to potential Trump administration policy

Bianca Buchholtz
Western Herald

Western Michigan University


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15 October 2018

04 October 2018

lead story - School transgender policy studied

The Vindicator

Gordian knot


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ezs note:  Oy veh.  This ain't fun, is it?  Okay, here are a few suggestions.  First, here's what I don't suggest.  It doesn't help to burrow into your tribe or get into a shouting match.  You may have to relax a bit to do it, but if you are approached by an angry person, calmly explain your side of the story.  Remember, he/she may be venting anger, but he/she is just afraid for his/her child.  If he/she calms down a bit, work together on a solution.  If he/she remains angry, you may leave, but first, open the door for the time when he/she calms down. No, this ain't a magic wand.  But it is constructive rather than destructive.

01 August 2018

civil rights - ACLU sues Providence school for not providing policy on transgender students

Frank Maradiaga
NBC Providence

Providence, RI (City Hall)


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02 August 2017