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16 March 2019

06 January 2019

civil rights - The Latest Front Against Civil Rights

Editorial Board
The New York Times

Brandi Bledsoe
died 10-12-2016


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30 November 2018

Alabama - Alabama health care fails transgender students

Leah Goggins
The Crimson White

University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL


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25 November 2018

Illinois - Is O’Fallon denying transgender students certain rights? The board decides to rewrite its rules.

Lexi Cortes
Belleville News-Democrat

O'Fallon, IL


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11 November 2018

civil rights - Fordham Allies Demand Improved Rights for Transgender Students

Courtney Brogle
The Observer

Cunniffe House, Fordham University


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27 September 2018

08 September 2018

civil rights - Lawsuit accuses MSU of favoring transgender students over straight men

Gail Schontzler
Idaho State Journal

Montana State University
Bozeman, MT


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ezs note:  This is a fairly lengthy piece, but you gotta check this paragraph out:

Instructor Kujawa told Sletten she had asked the male student in their private office conversation what he would do if the transgender student in class tried to talk to him. Kujawa said he told her that if the transgender student persisted, he would “break her face,” and added, “I’ve done it before, I’m not kidding.” He also mentioned that he kept three loaded guns in his truck. (Gail Schontzler)

I rest my case.