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20 May 2020

Donald Trump - Trump will lose in a landslide because of the economy, new election model predicts

Matt Egan

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ezs note:  Contrary to what the rosy picture above portrays, the best predictor in any state is YOU.  First, make sure you're registered, and done so properly.   Second, remind yourself to vote.  Thanks.

07 December 2019

SPECIAL - New House Judiciary Committee report defines impeachable offenses

Katelyn Burns

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ezs note:  Once again, the House Judiciary Committee goes into further detail as to why it's necessary to impeach Donald Trump.  I can't guarantee you'll change minds, but at least they'll give it a second thought.  The document will be found HERE.

17 September 2019

Vermont - Is a Vermont nurse the new Kim Davis?

Bonnie Kristian
The Week

Nurse Ratched, nurse-in-chief

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ezs note:  Um, yeaaaah...  forgive me if I don't break out the violin, but this nurse is truly dense.  I think you only need to take a gander at the title, 'University of Vermont Medical Center'.  This means we treat all comers who have a medical need, within the laws of the state of Vermont.  We ain't choosy.  Despite what Ms. Kristian says in her article,  a Gordian knot this ain't. 

30 March 2019

new thoughts...


ezs note:  It's a little, eensy-teensy blog, but it's off and running.  If you wish to see what's happening, go to long strange journey.

13 March 2019

28 January 2019

Ohio - Ohio’s new GOP guv signs order against anti-LGBT discrimination

Chris Johnson
Washington Blade

Cedarville, OH


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12 January 2019

03 October 2018

lead story - The New Smear Against Transgender Men

Evan Urquhart


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08 August 2018