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02 February 2020

civil rights - The First Drag Queen Was a Former Slave

Channing Gerard Joseph
The Nation.

Washington DC, ca. 1880

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ezs note:  Here is a fascinating account of William Dorsey Swann. (changing first names was more of a rarity in the 1800s.) Please read this! 

20 January 2020

Donald Trump - President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years

Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo, Meg Kelly
The Washington Post

ezs note:  Pinocchio doesn't even come close.

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ezs note 2:  It's a little dated, but the Toronto Star did an excellent piece as well.  Trump is printed verbatim, as well as a correction.  You can find it here . It's a gargantuan piece, but I think you'll enjoy it.