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09 October 2018

Kansas - LaPolice says Marshall fails to live up to Republican values

Jason Beets
Salina Journal

Clyde, KS


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ezs note:  It's down a bit, but see the bottom for transgender issues.  

16 January 2018

Top statehouse Republican’s bill resurfaces controversy over LGBT advocate’s appointment by Colorado governor

Jesse Paul
The Denver Post


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ezs note:  Colorado's 2nd State Senate district - granted, it's a long way off, but if you have a strong LGBTQ credential, have a good rapport with people (whether they agree or disagree with you), and, preferably, have a spot on a city or town council, perhaps it'll be time to take away Kevin Grantham's seat in the Senate.  In case you didn't know, he went to, ahem, 'school' at Liberty University, of airhead Jerry Falwell's starting.

Yeah, that's who you've got representing you in the 2nd District.  You can do better.

20 November 2017

02 November 2017

This cartoon explains how the Republican tax bill makes Donald Trump richer

Alvin Chang, Javier Zarracina


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ezs note:  If you happen to be in Allentown, Pennsylvania on November 11, you might want to check out here

30 April 2017

Ros-Lehtinen served all of Miami-Dade well

Miami Herald

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen


ezs note:  In case you missed it, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is one of the few Republicans who tirelessly worked for the rights of transgender citizens.  Notably, she is one of the few in her party who did not vote for the abysmal Donald Trump.  She is retiring after this term.  Goodbye, Ileana - we will miss you!

13 December 2016

06 December 2016

Republican Elector from Texas Refuses to Cast Vote for Donald Trump

Katie Reilly


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ezs note:  Congratulations, Mr. Suprun!  You are doing your civic duty.  Republican electors, remember, you do NOT have to follow in goosestep behind Chancellor Trump.  I may be a Democrat, but I am perfectly comfortable with a Republican who understands the spirit of serving ALL of the people - and that's "serving", not "ruling".

02 September 2016

It's time! It's time!


Well... okay.  So it's a little early.  The fact of the matter is that the longer you procrastinate, the more likely it is that you will miss voting.  And it's a darn shame. Um... have you seen that dimwit Trump?  From my earliest days, the people whom the Republican party have chosen to be president have been controversial (in some cases, really controversial), but I honestly believe that in their heart of hearts, they did what was best for the United States.  Until now.

Let me say this loud and clear:  Donald Trump is a barking idiot!!!

Register and vote.  Election Day is November 8.

15 May 2016

A Republican Congresswoman Has Personal Stake in Transgender Debate

Lizette Alvarez
The New York Times


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ezs note:  It goes to show you that what is needed in Congress is not a label, such as Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent, what have you - what is needed are thoughtful, compassionate, intelligent people.  Thanks, Ms Ros-Lehtinen!

29 March 2016

Republican lawmaker wants to ban transgender students from bathrooms of their choice

Kate Wells
Michigan Radio


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ezs note: Michigan residents - please contact your state representative AND state senator and tell him/her to vote NO on this idiotic bill!  Thanks.