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14 March 2019

Arkansas - School of Art M.F.A. Candidates to Present Thesis Exhibitions

University of Arkansas Newswire

Fayetteville, AR
University of Arkansas


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22 October 2018

Minnesota - Candidates for Minnesota attorney general clash over essence of job

J. Patrick Coolican, Jessie Van Berkel
Star Tribune

Minneapolis, MN


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ezs note:  It's down a bit, but Keith Ellison accuses his opponent of belonging to Alliance Defending Freedom 

05 October 2018

civil rights - Human Rights Campaign Announces “Artists For Equality” Auction to Help Elect Pro-LGBTQ Candidates

Nick Morrow

Flag, Jasper Johns


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ezs note: To make a voting plan, all you have to do is click!

30 July 2018

Tennessee - Where Tennessee's candidates for governor stand on LGBTQ rights

Natalie Allison

Nashville, TN (Broadway district)


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30 March 2018

15 January 2018

Democratic candidates for Montana's U.S. House seat talk health care, other issues in Helena

Holly K. Michels
Independent Record


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ezs note:  Montana residents - it may seem small, but your vote is just as important as any other - no more, no less.  Please remember to vote, and if you haven't registered yet, please do so NOW.  

02 January 2018

It’s an election year in Texas and LGBTQ candidates are flooding the zone

E.A. Crunden


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ezs note: Texans -  I know it's early, but particularly if you live in one of the districts that are LGBTQ, you might want to consider making a donation.  Of course, you'll want to consider other areas, but if you're amenable to this person, even five or ten bucks will make a difference.

02 May 2017

Keller trustee candidates talk about transgender bathrooms, guns on campus

Sandra Engelland

Keller, TX


ezs note:  Keller, TX residents - you can find out more about candidates' opinions and voting records here.  Voting is this Saturday. Don't forget to vote!

29 June 2016

Two transgender candidates — both named Misty — just made history by winning primaries

Amber Phillips
The Washington Post


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ezs note:  Utah residents - to get information on Misty K. Snow, or to donate money to her campaign, please press I read her campaign blog, and was quite impressed.  If you live anywhere else, but have friends who live in Utah, please pass this information along.  Thanks!

06 June 2015

26 April 2015

12 candidates sign up for ‘Queen of the World’ gay pageant (Mariana Islands)

Junhan B. Todiño
Marianas Variety

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25 October 2010

Teresa Sparks, other transgender candidates, make the NYT (NYT)

The NYT/Bay Citizen notes several transgender candidates running for elected office this election season, including local examples Theresa Sparks (running for District 6 Supervisor) and Victoria Kolakowski (running for Alameda County Superior Court judge).(more above)