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22 January 2020

Idaho - Idaho lawmaker proposes bill to change how transgender high school and college athletes compete

Brian Holmes

Idaho Falls, ID

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ezs note:  If you live in Idaho, please call your state senator and state representative to get this stupid bill killed.  You may be a fantastic hoop shooter, Rep. Ehardt, but you're a lousy legislator.  Get some sense back into your head, and be kind to all children and young adults. 

17 December 2018

03 March 2016

Nearly 30 compete to become first 'Miss Trans Israel' in transgender beauty pageant

Isaac Scharf and Alon Bernstein
US News and World Report


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30 December 2013

Transgender female Robert Lancaster in LPGA pursuit

*more here*

ezs note:  The use of the name 'Robert Lancaster' is the decision of the Toronto Sun, not of me.  There was no other name in the article, so I had to use that one.  Please don't be mad at me!