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19 January 2020

Indiana - Indiana Republicans have introduced two bills targeting transgender & non-binary people

Daniel Villareal
LGBTQ Nation

Evansville, IN

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ezs note:  If you live in Indiana, please call your state representative and state senator and urge her/him to defeat both bills (SB 74 and HB 1088).  Thanks.

06 October 2019

Donald Trump - These Republicans May Not Endorse an Impeachment Inquiry. But They Aren’t Saying No.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg
The New York Times

Reno, NV

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ezs note:  If you live in a Republican district, call, e-write, or if they come to your area, visit her/him directly and urge her/him to vote 'YES'  on impeachment.  And gently remind her/him that you CAN vote if she/he goes the other way.

07 September 2018

16 July 2018

12 June 2018

08 November 2017

Suburbs Rebel Against Trump, Threatening Republicans in Congress

Alexander Burns, Jonathan Martin
The New York Times


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07 September 2017

Donald Trump Can’t Pivot Out of the Trouble He’s In

John Cassidy
The New Yorker


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18 May 2017

On Robert Mueller, an Angry Trump Breaks From Republicans

David Catanese
US News and World Report


ezs note:  Hey, Donald, for once I think you're quite right.  Your administration, no matter how hard it tries, seems unable to forge the unity that you so desperately want. Fortunately, I have an idea.  Leave.  Leave now.  Leave for good. That way, the White House will be cleansed of the universe's biggest asshole.

13 May 2017

Donald Trump impeachment news: more Americans want him removed

Viraj Mahajan


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ezs note:  Do you want to see Donald Trump impeached?  Then it's up to YOU.   Please call or e-write your Congressperson AND both Senators (remember, there are two) and let them know how you feel.  For your Congressperson, contact  If you are uncertain which Member of Congress represents you, enter your ZIP code in the upper right corner.  For your Senators, contact Both Senators represent your entire state. Thanks.