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29 March 2019

North Carolina - NC House bills opposing conversion therapy, HB2 remnants filed

Gary D. Robertson

Asheville, NC
Thomas Wolfe house


please press:  

08 September 2017

Fliers distributed throughout Grass Lake opposing transgender bathroom rule

Andrew Surma


please press: 

ezs note:  Wowwwww... have you ever noticed that, in a few short decades, 'intermingling of the races' turned into 'intermingling of the sexes' with the change of ONE word?

'Grass Lake resident', you may wish to reconsider your wording.  So you don't sound like a complete asshole. 

08 July 2017

REP. SHEILA HARRINGTON: My journey from opposing to backing transgender rights

Sheila Harrington
Sentinel & Enterprise

Rep. Sheila Harrington


ezs note:  Thank you, Rep. Harrington, for your thoughtful piece.

26 July 2015

Evangelical Church of the WI passes 'resolution opposing same-sex marriage' (Jamaica)

Jamaica Observer


ezs note:  Y'know, the Evangelical Church of the West Indies has every right to hold this position.   
I may disagree, but they do have this right.  However, what about the liberal churches, 
temples, or mosques?  What about the individuals who belong to no church?  It is my firm belief that governments belong to PEOPLE, not churches!

21 May 2015

14 November 2013

Gay Marriage Exorcism: Illinois Bishop Plans Prayer Service Opposing 'Evil' Marriage Equality Law

*more here*

ezs note:  Um, "Bishop" Paprocki, just a thought - perhaps it would've been best to do the witch doctor ceremonies before the vote was taken.  Wouldn't have hurt, anyway.

On so many levels, what a dumbass.